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Emirates Wei Lager Arrested In Love Of Pakistan


Pakistan is a wonderful country, says Khalid Al-Amri, a renowned UAE V-loger from the United Arab Emirates.

Khalid announced a visit to Pakistan on social networking websites. He also met President Arif Alawi.

Through his posts on social media, he is also expressing his deep love for Pakistan.

Sharing a picture of himself standing in front of the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Khalid said that I have loved Pakistan, the people here are amazing.

He also wrote ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ at the end of his post.

The well-known Wei Lager has also met President Arif Alawi in the House of Representatives and expressed his sincere comments on Instagram.

He wrote, “Dear love and hospitality, these are the words that I will use to describe Pakistanis, Mashaullah, Pakistan live.”

Vlogger Khalid Al-Amri has millions of followers on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

 Khalid met his fans in Pakistan at a cafe in Islamabad and accepted the gifts he had given them.

Khalid also smoked hot tea in the frost on the Nethia street.

Khalid is best known for his daily life videos with his wife, Salaam Muhammad.

Born in Abu Dhabi, Khalid completed his MBA from Stanford University in the United States.

He also made a video using the hashtag ‘SayNoToWar’ last year during Pak-India tensions.

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