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Emma Watson speaks out in favor of the Palestinians


The British actress Emma Watson speaks out in favor of the Palestinians, sparking a firestorm with Israeli officials and supporters.

The British actress posted a photo a day earlier on the social networking site and photo-video-sharing platform Instagram. In solidarity with the Palestinians in a demonstration by Palestinians in May last year.

Emma Watson

In this photo, there are dozens of Palestinians. One of whom was holding a placard with the phrase, “Solidarity is an act.”

Emma Watson also shared a quote from British-born Australian activist Sarah Ahmed with the photo.

Emma Watson

Sarah Ahmed said: “Solidarity does not mean that our struggle and pain are the same or our hopes are the same for the future. Solidarity is a matter of determination, work and identity, even if we do not live the same lives. Body and senses are separate but we live on one earth, that means solidarity.

The British actress’s post was hailed by pro-Palestinian users and thanked for speaking out in favor, while Israeli-backed users slammed her.

On the other hand, Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Gilad Jordan strongly criticized Emma Watson’s post, saying “the myth may be for Harry Potter but it has nothing to do with reality.

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