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Emotion Faith, Muslim woman bodybuilder rejected short dress, declared as winner


DHAKA: A 19-year-old Muslim girl. Who won the women’s bodybuilding championship in Bangladesh, wearing full dresses and displaying filings in emotion faith.

According to details, 29 girls from all over the country participated in the first Women’s Bodybuilding Championship in Bangladesh. The bodybuilding championship administration initially announced a special dress code for participating girls. But later the dress code rules were suspended.

Being a Muslim-majority country. Girls participating in the bodybuilding championship were allowed to wear their favorite attire. While the condition of short dresses for participating girls was also abolished. Followed by the majority of the participating girls emotion faith. Dress up in full costume.

Most of the women participating in the competition were Muslim, but girls from other faiths also participated in the competition. The winner of the championship was given to 19-year-old Muslim girl Ahona Rehman, who participated in full dress.

Ahuna Rehman participated in the competition by wearing a pant shirt and showed off his filings in front of everyone. After which She was declared the winner. She expressed her happiness over her victory and also appreciated the administration’s discount on clothing.

Ahuna said that by participating in full costume. More girls will now participate in this champion and will move forward with confidence.

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