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Why did Emperor Emotions Dilip Kumar deny himself to work with a girl under 22 years of age? Incredible Disclosure


Dilip Kumar, legendary actor of Bollywood girl, called Mumbai’s Web Desk emperor, is celebrating her 96th anniversary, and on the occasion, she is arranging for her wife Saira Bano Family and close friends. Actor on their birthday, Some interesting stories of life have come to normal that Dilip Kumar and Saira Bano are together since the year 1966, and both of them are married to one of the successful marriages of Bidywood. But do you know that Dilip Kumar refused to work in a movie with Sera Bana on the rise of his career, because he believed that Saira was very young at age.

However, both of them were linked to marriage relations on October 11, 1966, at that time Dilip Kumar was 44 years while Saira Bano was only 22 years old. Dilip Kumar is the first superstar of Bolivia, who is from Pakistan, before converting to Bolivia, he changed his name to Yousuf Khan and was Dilip Kumar. On the rise of his career, he used to pay 5 million to 11 million to work in any movie, which was considered a huge amount of time. Dilip Kumar is the first actor who was awarded the Filmfare Best Actor Award in 1954.

He was awarded the Pakistani High Prize Mark Imtiaz in the year 1988. His final film ‘Fort’ was released in 1998. Dilip Kumar has been given Padma Bhoshan in 1991, Dadpa surname in 1994 and Paidavi Bhushan Award in 2015. It is believed that Dilip Kumar has been suffering from various diseases since last few years, he has been constantly admitted to the hospital. According to the reports, Dilip Kumar not only suffers to have chest pain, but sometimes he is also suffering from the kidneys in front of the problem of breathing. Apart from increasing age, they have started having other health issues, they have also been hospitalized several times in the past.

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