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Esra Bilgic Trying Out Pakistani Food.


Esra Bilgic is a Turkish actress. She was born on 14 October 1992 in Ankara Turkey. Esra Bilgiç began dating a professional Turkish footballer, in 2014. The couple got married on 21 October 2017. But divorced on 17 June 2019. She is best known for portraying the role of Halima Hatun. In the historical adventure television series “Ertugrul” from 2014 to 2018. As of 2020, she is the leading actress in the crime drama series “Ramo”. She became the number 1 television sensation of Pakistan.

She has became the queen of Pakistan heart. Esra social media following increased to millions in days. She is now brand ambassador of Pakistani brands and what not.

Many local celebrities raised voices against this act but no one really cared about it because this is what public want to see.

Pakistan no. 1 mobile phone network Jazz also signed Esra Bilgic. As their brand ambassador. Here is an interesting video of Esra in which she tried some Pakistani food.

Esra tried Pulao, Chicken Karahi, Gol Gappay, Daal Chawal, Jalebi and Biryani. Once again Esra prove we love her rightly, as her favorite Pakistani food came out to Biryani.

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