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Ertugrul Famed Bamsi Bey And Artuk Bey Arrives In Pakistan


Who is Bamsi Bey?

Bamsi is a Turkish actor which was born on 23 November 1978 in Istanbul. He is the child of an immigrant family. His mother is an Albanian immigrant. His father, Ümit Sönmez, is a dentist. Nurettin Sönmez graduated from Istanbul University Mining Engineering Department and studied theatre at Yeditepe University. He started his career in 1999. When he worked in “Dirllis Erugrul”, He got famed in the Industry which was a piece of luck for him. His next project was “Kurulus Osman” in which he earned rich fame and have a tour in Pakistan.

Who is Artuk Bey?

Ayberk Pekcan is a Turkish actor which was born on 22 May 1970 in Mersin, (a city in Turkey). He got famed by doing work in the television series “Dirllis Ertugrul”. In which he holds the role of “Artuk Bey”. He won many awards in Turkey. He also works in many films and dramas. Now Ayberk is having a tour in Pakistan. He played the main roles in the television series Ihlamurlar Altında , Yaprak Dökümü , Kurtlar Vadisi, and Keşanlı Ali Destanı . Hair , in which he played the leading role in 2010 and won awards

Engin Altan, Cavit Ceten Güner, Celal Al have newly visited Pakistan and after their appearance, two other Turkish actors Ayberk Pekcan otherwise called Artuk bey and Nurettin Sönmez well known as Bamsi bey have quite recently shown up in Pakistan on a multi-day visit with Turkish unfamiliar ministers.

Both of the actors have recently attended a meeting in Pakistan at Pak Turf Marif school in Islamabad and later go with Faisal Javed khan, Naeem Abbasi, and Dr. Fazeela Abbasi at the dinner and have a musical night.

Let’s have a look at their photos in which he spends their first day in Pakistan:

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