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Ertugrul Gazi makers happy with Pakistanis


The makers of Turkish series ‘Ertugrul Gazi’ based on Islamic conquests. They are very happy with the huge popularity of this series in Pakistan.

The Turkish series ‘Ertugrul Gazi’, dubbed in Urdu and aired on PTV. On the instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. It has captivated everyone these days.

The popular series is breaking previous records of popularity around the world. While some new records are also in the process of making their name.

The makers of this series. Which will be aired in Pakistan from the first of Ramadan. People are very happy to see great success and great acclaim in Pakistan.

Riaz Manti, who was instrumental in bringing the series to the Pakistani audience. He said that the response to the series was so good in Pakistan that the joy was indescribable.

He said that as soon as the first episode was aired. Ertugrul Ghazi’ was breaking all the records of popularity in Pakistan. Its episodes were trending on YouTube in Pakistan every day.

Riaz Manti, director of digital Turkish radio and TV for the Turkish state channel TRT, praised the beautiful dubbing of the drama in Pakistan, saying that PTV has also done a great job in terms of dubbing and broadcasting.

The drama is being aired on YouTube by PTV and Turkish channel TRT on TRT Ertugrul Bai PTV.

The number of subscribers to this channel is increasing day by day, this channel has got the highest number of 990,000 subscribers in less than a month.

Riaz Manti also says that watching this drama of a large number of users on the online medium is a great achievement.

The story of the well-known series ‘Dirilis Ertugrul’ dates back to before the establishment of the ‘Ottoman Empire’ in the 13th century.

According to Ottoman tradition, Ertugrul was the father of Uthman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

Technically, this drama is a masterpiece, another virtue of it is that it breaks the spell of inferiority imposed on Muslims.

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