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Ertugrul Ghazi cast arrives in Pakistan


Prime Minister Imran Khan called on the founding team of Pakistani popular Turkish drama series ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’. In the meeting, Imran Khan urged the film and drama industry to acquaint the young generation. Influenced by the West with their true culture.

Celal Al

Federal Minister Shehar Yar Afridi and other important personalities from the Pak-Turkish film industry.

Shibli Faraz

The meeting also discussed the proposed Pak-Turkish joint television series on Turk Lala, the famous character of the Khilafah Movement.

Turk Lala

Prime Minister Imran Khan on the occasion said that the era of Muslims in the subcontinent. It was golden but unfortunately, the young generation did not know anything about it.

Imran Khan

Shehryar Afridi apprised the meeting of the important role of Turk Lala for the Khilafah Movement and its importance in Turkey.

Shehryar Afridi

He said that Pakistani dramas were known all over the world till the ’80s and now Ertugrul Ghazi. There was a need to highlight the golden age of Muslims in the subcontinent.

Pakistani Dramas

Kemal Tekden lauded Prime Minister Imran Khan’s move to air Turkish dramas in Pakistan and said that Imran Khan and Turkish President Erdogan have the same vision.

Kemal Tekden

He also added that for the development of any country, it is important to be aware of its history and culture. Every year on June 30, Turkey celebrates its National Day in honor of Turk Lala.

Kemal Tekden said that the television series on Turk Lala would not only educate. The youth about the Khilafah movement but would also add a new chapter to Turkey-Pakistan relations.

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