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Esra Bilgic Gives Shut Up Call To Pakistani Troller.


About Esra Bilgic

Esra Bilgic is the Turkish Actress. She is well known for doing role of Haleema Sultan in Erugrul. She is playing the lead role and has appreciated for her acting skills.From there she get fame across the Pakistan. Not only in Pakistan but across the world. The drama series has been the talk of the town and Pakistanis are obsess with it. From its story to its characters, everything is loved by them.

Esra is the leading actress in the crime drama series Ramo. Her wider popularity in Pakistan made her the brand ambassador of Peshawar Zalmi, QMobile and Jazz in 2020. And since then she along with the other cast members of Diriliş Ertuğrul are celebrating national events of Pakistan. including the Independence day of Pakistan.

But as you know our Pakistani criticize the people so much. They just find something in a person so they can criticize them. Same happen in this case. But Esra give such a shutup call to that Instagram user.

As with a lot of love there are some haters also. Same here many Pakistani came to her profile and criticize Esra on wearing the such dresses. Many people trolled her for not wearing covered clothes and scolded her for wearing short clothes. However, she kept on ignoring all the hate comments.

Recently, she post a picture in a white suit and once again she receive the same hate comments. One of them comment, “Please don’t wear such dresses Halima Baji, not good,” with an angry emoji.

This time Esra Bilgic didn’t stay silent and give a response. She wrote, “Let me give you a little advice: Don’t follow me. Thank you.”

Here is the response:

It is totally wrong to criticize someone. We should always mind our own business. Rather than to interfere in someone. And also it is equally wrong to judge someone on the basis of their clothes.

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