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Exclusive Pictures From HUM Social Media Awards.


HUM TV is all set to host Pakistan’s First Ever Digital Awards titled “Kashmir Hum Social Media Awards 2020”. The show is exclusive hosted by Yasir Hussain and Taimoor Salahuddin and will be premiered from Hum TV’s official Facebook Page.

hum social medis awards

Talking about Hum TV, the entertainment channel had been ruling over media industry for a long, owing to its exclusive content, un-vanquished ratings, captivating projects, stellar artists and proficient men behind the curtains. Every year, the digital web organizes a huge award function to highlight the brilliance in acting, directing, scrip-writing, music, costumes and much more. However, with Hum-TV’s annual awards function postponed in the light of the crucial pandemic, the streaming channel has brought forward another massive presentation for its viewers.

HUM Awards are organized by the HUM Network Limited to recognize the efforts and talent of people belonging from television and fashion industry of Pakistan. This year HUM Social Media Awards have organized and it’s a star-studded event.

Exclusive pictures from Hum Style Awards:

Celebrities including Aiman Khan, Muneeb Butt, Aijaz Aslam, Asim Azhar, Ayesha Omar, Wajahat Rauf. And also many others are present at the red carpet of Kashmir HUM Social Media Awards.

Aiman and Muneeb the stars of the showbiz industry. They were wearing the similar colour dresses. The well known stars. And the couple who is famous. And gain massive fan following in such a short span of time. In HUM Awards they were looking stunning.

Ayesha Omer the born Film star. And the part of the showbiz industry since for such a long time. She was wearing such a unique colour dress. With such a light makeup look. Which is giving her soft look.

Asim Azhar the famously know singer. His melodious voice has won the heart of every single person. And that is the reason why he gain a lot of popularity and fame.

Ejaz Aslam the number one actor of showbiz industry. He was dressed in such cool clothes with the glasses on it.

And who knows this funny youtuber. The voice over man was wearing of course his old costume. Which he usually use to wear in his videos as well. But looking still fresh and a little bit funny.

Yasir Hussain is the most famous and well known star of the Pakistan Showbiz. His acting directing and writing skills has impress his fans even more.

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