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Exhibition of Cultural Heritage at Royal Fort Lahore, Poetry of Amir Khosrow, Art of Kashmir and Palestine


An exhibition of cultural heritage works was held at the Royal Fort Lahore. In which the poetry of Amir Khosrow and the ongoing persecution in Palestine were highlighted through works of art. The exhibition also featured works by foreign artists.

The Lahore Art and Culture Foundation and the NCA jointly organized an exhibition of these works of art at Samar Bagh. Barood Khana and Shahi Kitchen and Royal Fort Lahore. Cultural heritage was highlighted through calligraphy, sculpture, spices and photographs.

The poetry of Amir Khosrow, a well-known Sufi poet of the past, was engraved on glass. These mirrors were placed in the Samar Bagh building. In such a way that when the sun’s rays fell. Not only the words would be visible but also the colors of the rainbow would be scattered in the interior.

The view of Chahar Bagh was presented through metal sculptures and spices. Spices were considered a symbol of fragrance. Images of the people of Pakistan and India were highlighted through double paintings. Pakistan’s arteries of Kashmir and Palestine were also exemplary.

Artworks by artists from France, Turkey, Iran and Germany were also on display. Suggestions for eliminating environmental pollution were also brilliantly presented in the exhibition.

Director General Walled City Kamran Lashari and Director Art and Culture Foundation Saba Hussain were also present on the occasion.

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