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Fahad Mirza Is My First Love: Sarwat Gilani

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Pakistani actors Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza are ready to tie the knot on Independence Day.

Gilani, who was previously married to Omer Saleem, the brother of TV personality Ali Saleem, chooses to close the door on the past to begin a new chapter in her life.

“Fahad is my first love,” Gilani told.

The couple met a decade ago, but had been out of touch for a long time. “We were friends for three years, but were out of touch for the last seven years,” said Gilani.

“A year back I was performing in a theatre play Dhaani that Fahad came to watch… and that is how we got back in touch again.” When asked why Mirza is the one for her, Gilani was quick to respond, “Because I always knew he was the one.”

Gilani’s family has also been very supportive Gilani says. “He’s a nice qabil bacha, so yes, the family has been very supportive.” The high profile wedding will be held in Karachi on August 14, among family and friends. Gilani promises she will return to work after a month-long break.

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