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Fahad Mustafa fell in love with whom he fell in love


Leading host and actor Fahad Mustafa reveals in an interview the love of 2 popular actors and models.

When Fahad Mustafa stepped into the acting field with a forgotten role, he did not know that he would one day become the most popular, front-page host of a competition show, and did the play double and double the night. Achievements will collapse.

In an interview online, Fahd Mustafa also uncovered some secrets of his showbiz life that his fans were still unfamiliar with. The popular actor said that he liked model Vineja Ahmed from the very beginning and even today when meeting Vinaja, an inhuman smile spread on his lips.

Fahad added that he also had a crush on the famous model Iman Ali, but after meeting the love model, he sat like foam. Actor Fahd laughed at the occasion, folding his hands as if apologizing.

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Both fans and critics of Fahad Mustafa appear to be curious about whether Fahd has been vaccinated. Responding to this question, the actor denied, saying that I care about my health, focus on diet and consult physicians.

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