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Fahad Mustafa on rising the petrol Price


Leading actor and host of Pakistan showbiz industry Fahad Mustafa, in view of rising inflation in the country. He asked the Prime Minister to tell him that the people voted for him was the right decision?

On social networking site Twitter. Fahad Mustafa wrote while tagging Prime Minister Imran Khan. “I know in my head that running a country is not an easy task.

The actor wrote that when the Prime Minister was in opposition. He kept telling us that ‘this is not rocket science’, what happened to Imran Khan?

Fahad Mustafa asked the Prime Minister, “Please tell me if I made the right decision by voting for you.”

It should be noted that as soon as the government announced the increase in the prices of petroleum products, ordinary social media users, including celebrities, were reacting on social media, calling the increase in the price of petrol the biggest increase in the country’s history. The government is being sharply criticized.

Even Veena Malik, who was also in the forefront in support of Imran Khan on Twitter, questioned Imran Khan.

Actress Veena Malik, while addressing the Prime Minister on a social networking site, sarcastically said that Khan Sahib is asking the people to be a little nervous now.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement ‘You don’t have to worry’ is going viral. Although Prime Minister Imran Khan used the phrase ‘don’t panic’ in many of his statements, his statement became popular when Corona He had addressed the nation regarding the epidemic.

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