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Fahad Mustafa shared a memorable photo of Tariq Aziz


Leading actor and host of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Fahad Mustafa has shared on social media. A memorable photo of famous TV Host Tariq Aziz who passed away two days ago.

Recently, Fahad Mustafa posted a memorable photo of the youth of three Pakistani legends. On the photo and video-sharing app Instagram.

The photo posted by Fahad Mustafa features well-known TV camper, Tariq Aziz. Singer Tehseen Javed and senior actor, singer and producer Nadeem Baig of Pakistan Showbiz Industry.

In the photo, Tariq Aziz, Nadeem Baig and Tehseen Javed are wearing Test cricket kits.

Instagram users are also overjoyed to see a memorable photo of Pakistani legends. It are also issuing prayer messages for Tariq Aziz’s forgiveness.

Tariq Aziz

It should be noted that Tariq Aziz, a prominent name in Radio Pakistan, Television, Film, Journalism, Literature and Politics, passed away two days ago at the age of 84 due to cardiac arrest.

Tariq Aziz was a writer, poet and also a former member of the National Assembly. He was also the host of the popular PTV auction house.

Tariq Aziz started also his career with Radio Pakistan. He is also the first anchor of Pakistan Television.

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