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Faisal Qureshi talks about his role in Log Kya Kahay gay


Faisal Qureshi’s play ‘log Kiya kahay gay’ is being aired at the moment. But unlike other dramas, his role is not ‘extraordinary’. Faisal Qureshi is generally known for playing such ‘extraordinary’ roles, so why did he choose this role?

Faisal Qureshi

He says about his character ‘Saad’ that ‘there are many people around us. Who also gives a lot of support. What they call friends and for this, they put their lives on the line. And Saad (character name) is like that. I love it so I said I would. “

Faisal Qureshi

There is no romance between Faisal Qureshi and his co-star Sahifa Jabbar in this drama serial. There is no romance, nor is it a different thing in terms of Pakistani dramas.

Faisal Qureshi

Faisal says that people on social media sent him several messages saying, “When will you both get married?” So I say, man, this drama is not about marriage, it is about relationships, it is about friendship. , Is about women’s empowerment.

Faisal Qureshi

“A lot of people are in favour of it, but I don’t understand why society stamps on the fact that no, there can’t be a man, it can’t happen, like when girls are growing up,” he said.

Faisal Qureshi

If you look at Pakistan’s drama industry. Adnan Siddiqui, Humayun Saeed and Faisal Qureshi still seem to get important roles. But the actors who started working with them no longer get important roles.


Faisal Qureshi says that this happens all over the world. If you look at Bollywood or Hollywood, even their men play an important role in spite of their age. Like Tom Cruise, Shah Rukh Khan, etc., but he does not know that Why maybe such characters are not being written for them.

Faisal Qureshi

“You are happy when you are not annoyed. Exercise your anger so that you don’t have to vent it on other people.”

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