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Those two elements of Faiz’s poem that became a threat to Hinduism!


Surprisingly, the “greatness” of Hindutva is endangered by two volumes of only one poem by progressive and revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Not only this, the Modi government’s “strong” decisions are also facing strong resistance to Allama Iqbal, Jalb and Faiz’s revolutionary offers of word and resistance.

In India, the Modi government’s bullying and bullying and especially against Muslims continues, but despite the worst repression and intimidation, Indian Muslims are protesting and protesting against the law of citizenship, which is increasing with each passing day. Is. However, Under these circumstances, an Indian university looks intimidated by progressive and humanist ideology for the poetry of world-renowned poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

Who does not remember this poem in the voice of Iqbal Banu? We’ll see, of course we will! 

The same word in India against oppression, injustice and oppression.

If the oppressor is challenged, declare it anti-Hindu. The research has been started.

The fact is that during a demonstration, students at IIT University in Kanpur read this poem on which a faculty member has said that this word of Faiz is against Hindu religion. However, Taking notice of the complaint, the university formed a panel that will determine if there is any danger to Hindu religion from the actual discipline.
However, These two disciplines of Faiz’s discipline are cause for concern and concern for some students and members of the university. These are the Egyptians.
All idols will be taken away , only the name of Allah will be

You also read this poem.

ہم دیکھیں گے!
لازم ہے کہ ہم بھی دیکھیں گے
وہ دن کہ جس کا وعدہ ہے
جو لوحِ ازل میں لکھا ہے
جب ظلم و ستم کے کوہِ گراں
روئی کی طرح اُڑ جائیں گے
ہم محکوموں کے پاؤں تلے
جب دھرتی دھڑ دھڑ، دھڑکے گی
اور اہل حکم کے سر اوپر
جب بجلی کڑ کڑ، کڑکے گی
جب ارضِ خدا کے کعبے سے
سب بت اٹھوائے جائیں گے
ہم اہل صفا مردود حرم
مسند پہ بٹھائے جائیں گے
سب تاج اچھالے جائیں گے
سب تخت گرائے جائیں گے
بس نام رہے گا اللہ کا
جو غائب بھی ہے حاضر بھی
جو منظر بھی ہے ناظر بھی
اٹھے گا انا الحق کا نعرہ
جو میں بھی ہوں اور تم بھی ہو
اور راج کرے گی خلق خدا
جو میں بھی ہوں اور تم بھی ہو

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