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Faiza Hassan about his drama serial “Naand”


Faiza Hassan is appearing on TV in the drama ‘Nand’ after a long time. In this play, he has played the role of a Nand. Whose attention is always focused on the lives of his brothers despite being married.

Faiza Hassan

In an exclusive interview, Faiza Hassan said that the popularity of ‘Nand’ drama is more surprising than happiness.

She said that “I think I have a lot to do in this drama. Not only sound communication but his alertness and dedication too are most required. The characters were acting very slowly … They would just sit down and talk. “

“I don’t know why actors are afraid to play negative roles,” she said.

Faiza Hassan

Faiza said that she feels that the audience was fed up with the sophisticated acting on the small screen. So she enjoyed watching different types of acting in the Nand drama.

“Zeeshan Ali Zaidi edited and made the play very fast and very effective,” she says.


“I have heard that there is a trend these days that if the ratings are good. The drama is dragged out. But only the channel can give an answer as to why this is done,” she says.

She also said that “there is a very wrong trend that the script should be socially acceptable. But if all these things come to the mind of a creator then creativity dies.”

“So you have to be brave and bold so that you can do whatever comes to your mind.”

Faiza Hassan

“A lot of people said to me, ‘Hey, you say a lot of these things in your personal life and then you’re doing it in a drama,’ so I told them, ‘Yes because it’s a bold script and it doesn’t have to have anything to do with what I think.

“Now if someone asks me if this character is good enough for you to marry him, or to have a long-term relationship with him, then it is not enough for me … I’m not that kind of person. “

“You could say I’m a little lazy and I can’t do it unless the script is heartwarming.”

Faiza Hassan

“Although I say that if I become a gem, I can become a lot more, but if you are impressed by a character, you are expected to continue to do the same.”

Faiza Hassan

Faiza said that getting fewer opportunities is also related to age. However, she says, “Now I think maybe after Nand, people’s thinking will change a little bit and they will feel that even a 38-39-year-old actress can run a play. You don’t have to be pregnant. ‘

Faiza Hassan

“The trend forces producers and directors to turn white, lean and adopt a certain style, which is very wrong,” she added.

She says that actors should not act shyly in a small circle.

Faiza Hassan

“Less followers doesn’t mean I’m inferior, but many still like me because of my work,” says Faiza.

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