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Faiza Iftikhar Talks About Pakistani Drama “Aap Kay Liye”


Faiza Iftikhar is one of those very few writers who always make an effort to write scripts which offer a different storyline with a hidden social message. She is known for her powerful dialogues and well-etched-out characters which make her dramas entertaining. Faiza Iftikhar has given the television viewers some of the strongest female leads and that too at a time when mazloom aurat reigns supreme in our dramas!! Dramas like Akbari Asghari, Bilquees Kaur, Roag, Aunn Zara in the past and currently on air Dil Lagi and Mein Sitara have given the drama watching audience an opportunity to tune into something that is not run-of-the-mill.



Faiza Iftikhar’s next venture “Aap Kay Liye” will air on ARY Digital soon after Eid-ul-Fitr. The drama has been directed by Badar Mehmood and produced by Big Bang Productions. The cast includes Faysal Qureshi and Arij Fatyma who will play the leading roles. Samina Peerzada, Waseem Abbas, Salma Hassan, Saife Hassan and others will be playing the supporting roles.

Faysal Qureshi plays the role of Shaheer in the play and Arij Fatima will play the role of Washma. In an exclusive interview with reviewit Faiza Iftikhar talked about “Aap Kay Liye”. Sharing a little something about the main plot and the leading characters she revealed,

Aap Kay Liye is story about contrast characters. Shaheer and Washma are totally different from each other. Shaheer is a mature business man, serious and pretty dry nature but very soft hearted and soft spoken…har kaam ghari ki soii dekh kar…very disciplined. On the other hand Washma is a happy go lucky girl, she doesn’t believe in following rules and schedule. She takes life very easy and loves unconditionally. She is also very vocal about herself and others.”

Aap Kay Liye

Faiza Iftikhar is very sure that viewers will love Washma’s character. The important and intricate details Faiza Iftikhar  shared with us about the leading characters already makes it look like Faysal Qureshi and Arij Fatyma will fit into these roles perfectly. It also seems like Faiza Iftikhar is about to give us another heroine who will be remembered for a long time.

Talking further about the characters Faiza Iftikhar added,

 “Shaheer will be older than Washma with much more experience in life but in few matters Washma seems more sensible than him. Basically Shaheer is simple and can trust others easily. Although Washma is too young but she has an eye and sense to judge others.”

“phoohar, kaahil and sust” were the 3 key words used by Faiza Iftikhar for Washma apart from all her positive qualities.

Samina Peerzada just played the role of a very majbur aurat in the play Beqasoor but in this play her character will have more room for performance and the viewers will get to see her in a character which has more to offer than Sadaf of Beqasoor. Talking about her character Faiza Iftikhar said,

“It is a sort of negative character but not evil. There is also nand bhabi taakra but not in a typical way.”


Faiza Iftikhar also revealed that Salma Hasan will be playing the role of Washma’s brother’s wife “and this bhabi has too many shades. The viewers will love this on screen bhabi. She is not too sweet neither is she unbelievably bitter,”was how Faiza Iftikhar described this character.

We are extremely thankful to Faiza Iftikhar for taking out time to answer our questions. How many of you are looking forward to “Aap Kay Liye”?

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