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Fakhr-e-Alam advise to Imran Khan


Lahore: Leading actor, singer and host Fakhr-e-Alam. While releasing his video message on social media. He advised Prime Minister Imran Khan to lock down the country for 2 weeks.

Yesterday, the celebrated actor, singer and host Fakhr-e-Alam released his video message on microblogging site Twitter.

In his video message, Fakhr-e-Alam advised Prime Minister Imran Khan, “Imran Bhai we all know that there is no doubt in your heart that there is room for Pakistani people, humanity and the poor, you are a good man. Are. ‘

The proud scholar said. “I know that your leadership is facing a major challenge at this time and the government has ordered people not to leave their homes. Causing loss to the poor people who earn daily wages.” Is happening.

It may be recalled that on the previous day, Chief Minister Sindh had directed the citizens to stay in their homes for three days.

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