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Famous Indian actress also came out to praise Sajal Ali


KARACHI: Sonam Bajwa, an Indian model and actress of Pakistan’s renowned actress Sajal Ali, also came out fans. The Indian actress also praised Sajjal Ali’s work in an interview.

According to details. Fans of the famous Pakistani showbiz industry. Sajal Ali, have come not only in the country but also all over the world.

The Indian actress. While interviewing the British Broadcasting Agency. Praised Sajal Ali’s work and said that. He was a huge fan of Sajjal’s work and was very impressed with the Pakistani film and showbiz industry.

The Indian actress said: “I am very happy to say that I have learned a lot from Sajjal Ali.

Sonam Bajwa said. “I know everything about the Pakistani showbiz industry. I know about the personalities and personally know Sajal Ali and Rabia Butt.”

She made it clear that she followed the work of the Pakistani industry.

The Indian actress said, “I have Pakistani drama, Mere Paas Tum Ho.

Be aware that Sajjal Ali is showing the essence of his acting in ‘Yeh Dil Mera Aal’ these days.

On the other hand, Pakistani actress Sajjal Ali also thanked Sonam Bajwa on social networking site Instagram.

It should be remembered that. Sajal Ali played the role of Adnan Siddiqui and Sri Devi in ​​the Bollywood film. ‘Wax’ in the year 2017. Which has increased his list of fans.

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