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Farhan Saeed pays tribute to ‘Living Legend’


Leading Pakistani actor and singer Farhan Saeed are paying homage to great personalities who have rendered unforgettable services to the country.

On social networking sites, the actor has paid tributes to actor Qawi Khan, Sufi singer Abida Parveen and well-known comedian Umar Sharif in recognition of their services.

Prior to his move, Farhan Saeed had informed his fans that he was making a humble effort to appreciate the efforts of Pakistan’s long legends.

He asked the fans to join me in paying tribute to the unparalleled dedication of all those who have selflessly served our country and to thank these legends.

In InstaPost, Farhan Saeed shared a memorable photo paying tribute to Qawi Khan and wrote that he recently had the opportunity to work with him on both television and film screens.

He wrote the words of Qawi Khan in the form of words: “Truth in intention and sincerity in love is the charity of love.”


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As my first tribute to the #LivingLegends of Pakistan, I pay homage to @muhammadqavikhan sahab, the legenary actor par excellene who has been serving the country since 1952. I recently had the privilege of sharing the screen with him – both on television aswell as in a film. Anyone who has worked with Qavi sahab would know his demeanor only commands utmost respect. He is an institution. For his exemplary body of work he has recently been decorated with a Pride of Performance by the Government of Pakistan. He motivates younger actors by encouraging them to push the bar with each performance. To encourage us, Qavi sahab always tells us, we are better at what we do than his generation was. His wealth of experience is a guide book for those who have only just recently joined the industry. For these reasons and many more, I wish to pay tribute to him and I call on each of you to also celebrate the legend that he is. Post your ode to him across any social media platform #LivingLegendQaviKhan and be sure to tag me. I will repost your messages of appreciation as my thank you to him. In Qavi sahab’s own words: “Neeyat ki sachai or mohabbat may khaloos he mohabbat ka sadqa hai” #PakistaniHeroes

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According to Farhan, “Anyone who has worked with Qawi Khan knows that his behavior compels him to respect others.” He wrote that Qawi Khan is an institution in his own right.

Farhan Saeed also paid tribute to Abida Parveen in the series which started with a tribute to legendary personalities.

Paying homage to Abida Parveen, Farhan Saeed wrote that the world famous Abida Parveen does not need any introduction.

He wrote that Abida Parveen is known all over the world as the queen of Sufi music, her soulful melodies enchant the listeners.

Farhan Saeed said that he has met Abida Parveen on very few occasions in his life but whenever he met her, he saw humility and respect in the eyes of Abida Parveen.


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Today I pay tribute to the one and the only , Abida Parveen Jee – a #LivingLegend whose immense talent transcends borders. Abida Parveen is globally recognized as an inconic representation of the Sufi genre. Her soul-stirring voice and melodies have long had listeners across the globe in absolute awe. As a person, Abida ji embodies the very essence of Sufism. The few times I have had a chance to meet with her, I have witnessed first hand her absolute humility and respect for others. Be it another muscian or a fan, everyone and anyone is extended the same warmth and courtesy by her. This undoubtedly the trademark of a true Sufi. Abida ji is ubdoubtedly a source of pride and inspiration for every Pakistani. Her ever-willingness to learn and teach others is incredible and a lesson for us all. She as paved the way for generations to come and pursue their journey. I too take inspiration from her unmatched passion – her work has always been a major source of inspiration and motivation for me. I request you to extend your gratitude to Abida ji by celebrating her contributions to music and to Pakistan. Share your favourite qawali, song, verses anything that you would like to be highlighted and I’ll reshare that on my stories. Thank you, Abida ji for saying it like it is – undoubtedly ……. “Dhoondo Gay Agar Mulkon Mulkon Milne Ke Nahi Nayab Hain Hum” @abidaparveenofficial #LivingLegends #PakistaniHeroes

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In recognition of the services of renowned comedian Omar Sharif, Farhan Saeed wrote that he has always been a fan of Omar Sharif.

Farhan Saeed wrote that he has visited India several times and if there is an ambassador of Pakistani comedy and culture abroad, it is none other than Omar Sharif.


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I have and will always be a big, big fan of the legendary Umer Sharif sahab – both on and off screen. An absolute showman for whom no specific place or audience is required to exhibit his versatility of his craft. He will undoubted have you laughing hysterically, anywhere and everywhere you meet him. His humble nature however supercedes even his immense talent. I was with him at an airport once when he wasn’t feeling too well. A group of fans approached us for a photographs and he very graciously, instantly obliged. He not took photographs with them but also shared a few laughs and thanked them for appreciating his work. I cant forget his very gracious advice: “Yeh log hain, tou hum hain – inko kabhi inkaar nahi karna”. His words have since been etched in my memory. I have toured India multiple times and if there is one ambassador of Pakistani culture and talent across the border, it is none other than Umer sahab. His humor undoubtedly transcends boundaries. I’ve had countless fans across the border asking me to convey to him their messages of love, respect and admiration. His services to Pakistan and his legacy are unmatched. No amount of gratitude will ever be enough to thank him but this is a small token of appreciation from all of us. Celebrate the legend that is Umer Sharif by sharing across your social media platforms your tribute to his greatness. We pray his guidance and support stays with us and Allah keep him in good health. #umersharif #LivingLegends #PakistaniHeroes

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The singer wrote that Omar Sharif’s fans across the border asked him to convey messages of love, respect and admiration.

At the end of his message, Farhan Saeed wrote that his services to Pakistan are unparalleled, these words of appreciation are too little to appreciate his services.

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