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Farooq Qaiser AKA Uncle Sargam Passed Away


Farooq Qaiser is a well known Pakistani artist. Newspaper columnist, TV show director. Puppeteer, scriptwriter, and voice actor. He has also written a number of comic books. He is most popular for his fictional puppet Uncle Sargam introduced in 1976. In the children’s television show Kaliyan.

Farooq Qaiser

Farooq is also a cartoonist, newspaper columnist and writes for the newspaper Daily Nai Baat in Lahore. He is famous for his column-writing name Meethay Karelay.

Uncle Sargam

Farooq Qaiser has also died at the age of 75 years in Islamabad. His Grandson has confirmed the news of his demise. He was suffering from heart disease for a long time. Farooq has left behind a son and 2 daughters and his wife.

Uncle Sargam

Celebrities have also condoled his death.

Yasir Hussain
Adnan Sami

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