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Faryal Mahmood Happy to get marriage with Daniel


Actress Faryal Mahmood, who got engaged to well-known actor Daniel Raheel two days ago, says, “I am so happy after marrying Daniel that I have forgotten the rest of the world.”

Faryal Mahmood posted a memorable photo of her wedding with her husband Daniel Raheel on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram and expressed her feelings on the occasion.


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Yes I know it took a while to post a picture but in my defence I was so caught up in the moment that I had forgotten all about the rest of the world!! Alhamdullilah I’m a Raheal now 🙈 Mr @daniyalraheal you are the answer to all my prayers! Your family is a gift to me by God. I have a home now, a family, all the love in the world and everything I desired! @simi_raheal_official I don’t even have words. I really don’t. Thank you! For everything!! From the rose petals, to my nikkah ka jorah you managed EVERYTHING! AND IT WAS ALL SO BEAUTIFUL 🙏❤ @mehreenraheal I don’t think anyone had ever had SUCH a loving nand! I love you so much and your bachas, thank you so much for making our nikkah picture perfect. The love in that little gathering was surreal and all the love you guys have shown to us, we are blown away! So so so happy mashallah! Picture by my Bridesmaid @yasirkhanpakistan #covidnikkah #countwhatyouhave #createhappiness #hitched2020 #lockdownlove #daniyalraheal #faryalmehmood #theraheals #nikkah2020 #loveisallyouneed

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Faryal Mahmood said, “I know I took a while to post the wedding picture but rest assured that I am so happy to be married to Daniel that I have forgotten the rest of the world.”

Addressing her husband Daniel Rachel, the actress said, “You are the answer to all my prayers from God and your family is a gift from God to me. I am very happy that now I have a house, a family. ۔ ‘

Addressing his mother-in-law, Sammy Rachel, he said, “I have no words to thank you. Everything you have done for me is commendable.”

Addressing Daniel Raheel’s sister and actress Mehreen Raheel, Faryal Mahmood said, “I love you very much. Thank you very much for making our wedding photos perfect and memorable.”

Finally, the actress said, “The love that people had for our small wedding ceremony was real, which made me very happy.”

Remember that Faryal Mahmood and Daniel Mahmood got married two days ago and this good news was announced by Daniel Raheel through a post on the social networking website Facebook.

In a message posted on Facebook. Daniel Raheel said, “Faryal Mahmood and I met two years ago, after that we became friends. We decided to go to each other and then spend the rest of our lives together.”

“I feel lucky to be married to Faryal,” she also said.

Daniel Raheel has also changed his Facebook profile after marrying Faryal Mahmood.

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