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Fatima Effendi says that Divorce is not normal even for actors


The Leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Fatima Effendi has expressed her opinion on the news of divorce of famous actor duo Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir.

Fatima Effendi

Fatima Effendi wrote on her Instagram story that “she knows a lot of couples around her. Who got divorced but they are not from showbiz industry so their divorce cases have not come to light like this. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information.

Fatima Effendi

She further wrote that “when will everyone understand that no one in the world gets divorced. After getting married. Because it is a trivial matter for him, divorce is a very painful process”.

Fatima Effendi

“Ordinary people also get divorced. Such questions about the divorce of their relatives are very painful for them,” she wrote.

Fatima Effendi

“But for an actor, the whole world becomes a jury,” she added.

Fatima Effendi appealed to the fans of Sajal and Ahad, “Please leave the couple going through this ordeal alone for some time.”

Fatima Effendi

“It’s a difficult time, so show some sympathy,” she added.

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