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Fawad Khan discloses how his wife

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The star divulged into details regarding his marriage and how his wife Sadaf reacts to his heartthrob image.

The latest Khan to take Bollywood by storm, Fawad Khan recently spilled the beans on how him and his wife take his celebrity status in stride. The actor was featured on the cover of Hello!India’s April issue, as he spoke exclusively to the magazine and disclosed quite a few facts about his off-screen life.

According to Fawad, his better half Sadaf understands quite clearly how his on-screen portrayal is nothing but a temporary character whilst their marriage is the real deal. The singer cum actor also said that he knew his wife had been his support since day one, when he wasn’t famous or well known.

Sadaf’s been with me through thick and thin.” he said. “She was there at the first screening ofKhoobsurat and she was laughing along with Sonam and me when we posed for a somewhat steamy shoot.We both understand that how I act on-screen isn’t real while our relationship truly is,”


Fawad Khan with wife Sadaf Fawad

However, the Khoobsurat star also revealed that there came a point when Sadaf was annoyed at Fawad’s heartthrob image and the attitude of female fans, who thronged the chocolate hero everywhere he went.

“I can’t say Sadaf didn’t get annoyed by the female attention I was getting — anybody would. The invasion of our privacy bothered her because where ever we went, we got surrounded by fans. Eventually, we took it in our stride.”

He went on to state that had he been in his wife’s shoes, Fawad would have reacted very differently from his wife and would have been much more possessive of her. Fawad had also recently objected to doing intimate scenes with Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt for their upcoming movie Kapoor and Sons, starring Siddhart Malhotra as well.

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