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Veteran actor and Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan who is inspiring subcontinent with his acting craft has said that he is just a mediocre representation of Pakistani talent.

When asked about influx from Pakistani showbiz industry to Bollywood Fawad  said“I am happy, but I might just be a bit insecure because I have been a mediocre representation of Pakistani talent”.

Talking  to Hindustan Times on Friday the 34-year-old actor disclosed aspects of his personal and public life. Fawad said that he entered Bollywood with minimum experience and never expected such an overwhelming response.

When asked about his singing capabilities to adorn Bollywood he quipped “Offers are not pouring. No one is giving me work. What should I do?”.

Fawad Khan kept mum regarding his inclusion in Salman Khan’s Jugalbandi adding “we have been in talks with a lot of people, maybe Jugalbandi is one of them.

Talking further, he expressed that “I am actually surprised that people talk more about my looks, and less about my talent, because I don’t think I’m very good-looking. On a scale of 10, I will give myself 3 or 4”.

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