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Fawad Khan: The man of every girl’s dream

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Eat your heart out as Fawad Khan is the new heartthrob of the country. Girls go gaga and drool over this new handsome hunk of Bollywood and Lollywood. Not only girls, but every living woman could die over his killer looks which make your heart and brain stop functioning and fill your stomach with butterflies!

fawad-khan-10The Pakistani actor came to fame with a bundle of charm in India with his television show ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ which was aired on Zee’s Zindagi channel. He then featured as the charming prince in his Bollywood debut ‘Khoobsurat’ opposite Sonam Kapoor. Now, with his new show ‘Humsafar’ with Mahira Khan, people are expecting a lot from the versatile actor.

fawad-khan-1All the actors of B-town should probably take a leaf out of Fawad Khan’s subtle acting sense. He belongs to that rare breed of actors who can play a gentleman as well as the bad boy with equal ease and elan. The way he looks into the camera, it’s almost as if he pours out of the screen giving his audience complete and unwavering attention.

fawad-khan-2Talking about Fawad Khan’s personal life, all that can be said is he truly loves his wife, Sadaf Khan. Everyone must have noticed, that in every interview he gives, he never forgets to praise his beloved wife. His love story is heart melting; how he decided to marry a girl at the age of 17. And his decision turned to reality when he proposed then and there and got married in 2005. To him, his wife is his companion, lover, best friend and everything. He comes across as an ideal man, whom every woman desires! The versatile actor, in collaboration with his wife, has now established a clothing brand called ‘SILK by Fawad Khan’.

fawad-khan-3The 33-year old actor is the kind of guy every girl dreams of marrying. He has got the perfect looks, killer smile and awe inspiring baritone. In fact many are his fans simply because of his band starting with ‘Entity Paradigm’ in his early years and still continuing to re-group in shows like ‘Coke Studio’. Considered as the sexiest man alive, he has won many hearts not only with his good looks, but also with the way he sings, writes, acts, models and understands fashion!

fawad-khan-4This guy carries off anything with sheer panache, whether it is a three piece suit or a simple cotton white kurta, shorts or a polo tee to even a blazer. He has the most gorgeous smile which stops the heart beat of every girl and a clean shave looks as hot on him as a full grown beard.

fawad-khan-5Every time I see Fawad Khan my heart stands still. The day I caught a glimpse of him in ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’, I knew that he would prove to be a guy who would be a fantasy for many girls, and an idol for many men.

fawad-khan-6The man has crossed leaps and bounds starting from ‘Khuda Kay Liye’ to ‘Khoobsurat’.

fawad-khan-7He is the embodiment of Mr. Right! And as much as everyone sighs and drools over the perfect embodiment of hotness, we all know he will remain only a screen god. If only science had perfected cloning, I am sure many would have surely liked to clone Fawad.

fawad-khan-9If only wishes were horses…

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