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Faysal Quraishi Celebrates His Daughter Ayat’s Birthday


He was born in Lahore, Pakistan. His mother Afshan Qureshi was a famous film actress of her time and now appears mostly on the smaller screen. His father, Abid Qureshi was an actor,and wanted to see his son achieve great heights as an actor. He enrolled Qureshi into every sport, skill, activity imaginable – horse-riding, classical dancing, cricket, and the list goes on.

Faysal was just over 17 years old when his father got diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. All their wealth and property was spent on his treatment. That’s why when Qureshi decided to appear in films, to support his family. But Unfortunately, just a month before his movie released. His father passed away, leaving his wish of seeing his son as a movie star unfulfilled. To this day, this remains Faysal’s biggest regret that his father could not witness his success

Faisal Qureshi is one of the fabulous Pakistani entertainers who is ruling on the TV screens. The exhibitions that have given consistently in these years can never be neglected or ignored. Other than an entertainer. He is additionally a significant host. Faisal Qureshi has realized how to get a handle on the consideration of watchers. which he is likewise granted the Best Host grant on various occasions.

In 2015, daily Pakistan reported that Faysal has become one of the highest-paid artists of television. He charges Rs: 3 million per episode and continues to be one of the most sought after and highest-paid actors in Pakistan today.

In 2010 he got hitched to Sana Faysal and is carrying on with a favored life. The couple has blessed with a little girl and a child.

Recently Faysal Quraishi celebrated his daughter Ayat’s 9th birthday in Lahore.

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