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Feroz Khan big move to distribute ration bags in lockdown


Feroz Khan, who recently announced goodbye to the showbiz industry and spent the rest of his life in accordance with Allah’s orders, announced the distribution of ration bags in lockdown time to prevent possible spread of the global epidemic.

He shared a story on social networking site Instagram which he said that in the days of lockdown in Sindh, he would distribute ration bags, who would like to help him in this good work by contacting them at the given numbers. Can help.

Feroz Khan, detailing the ration bag, wrote that a ration bag containing 5kg flour, gram and lentils of lentils, 2kg, 2kg sugar and 2kg rice, the ration bag cost Rs. 1750.

In another Instagram story, Feroz Khan said he has distributed more than 1,100 ration bags so far.

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