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I am very fortunate, I got everything from Hajj – Feroz Khan


KARACHI: Feroz Khan, a prominent Pakistani actor who has received a Hajj award, says of his spiritual journey. “I am very fortunate I got a lot from Hajj.”

According to details, the Pakistani showbiz industry’s leading actor. Feroz Khan, spoke at ARY Digital’s most popular Morning Show Good Morning Pakistan. On Saturday night in Mecca and Madinah al-Manora.

After receiving the pilgrimage, Feroz also deleted his Instagram account.

On the question of Nada Yasir. The program on going to the Hajj, the actor said. “I feel like you have to decide where you want to go. Because this life is not a small thing that we have so much responsibility for. Give stripes and give people a place to look at you and follow in your footsteps. ‘

Feroz Khan said that I got a lot from Hajj, I am very fortunate. In response to Nada Yasir’s question. “How did you decide to go to Hajj”, the actor said, “You have to ask for your permission. Just wanted and that first demand is the first step.

In response to the pilgrimage this year, Feroz Khan said that we had met Maulana Tariq Jamil Sahib and I was standing outside with Bilal Abbas.

Bilal said, “In the last day when you will be asked why you were not able to make the spiritual journey, it was the thought of Bilal that came to my mind.”

Feroz, who has shown the essence of acting in ARY Digital’s famous drama ‘Chip Choo’, has twice received the Umrah in Happy Ramadan.

“I don’t know if he is really close to Allah or maybe other people are closer to him than I am,” Feroz Khan said.

He said that Allah opened my eyes and that some things made me unhappy and I started to feel comfortable in worship.

Feroz Khan is believed to be acting in ARY Digital’s new drama ‘Aashiqa’ recently.

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