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Feroze Khan about her decision regarding leaving showbiz


Feroze Khan is a talented Pakistani actor who has done countless dramas. Last year, the actor announced about leaving showbiz but he didn’t leave the industry after his announcement, he, later on, changed his decision and addressed about coming back, after the announcement of resuming acting career, he had to face a lot of criticism and he’s is still facing it.

Feroze Khan

Recently, the actor came into Ahsan Khan’s show where he talked about his idea of ‘ leaving Showbiz’ himself. When Ahsan generally talked about his inspiration in acting, he himself started talking about his decision of quitting acting. After his reference, Ahsan asked, “did you really think about leaving?

Feroze Khan

To Ahsan’s question, Feroze Khan replied, ” there was a time when I thought that what would I do if I would have to follow my passion or my roots?

Feroze Khan

“I instantly decided to follow my roots but again it all happens as per Allah’s will as we have heard too, ” O Son of Adam, ‘You have your desire and
I have My desire But My desire shall reign
Though if you surrender yourself unto My desire, Then I shall bestow upon you your desire, But if you oppose My desire,  Then I shall tire you of your desires.

Feroze Khan

Here is the link of interview:

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