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Feroze Khan About Herself


KARACHI: Leading actor of the Pakistani drama industry. Feroze Khan has said that it is not enough for me to change myself.

According to details, renowned Pakistani actor Feroze participated in ARY Digital’s program ‘Good Morning Pakistan’. He answered various questions from host Nada Yasser regarding his new upcoming drama ‘Aashiqa’.

Feroze Khan said his role in the play is Hamza, and with him the main characters include Ramsha Khan, Haniya Amir, Gohar Khan.

Actor Feroze says that when I was a kid I never thought of becoming an actor. If there was no actor, I would have opened a restaurant.

He said that he used to go to many parties before but now it has decreased. However, There is an age requirement that the servant get away with these things.

Feroze Khan said that Allaah loves worship of youth. I think if you decide on many things in your youth then the rest of your life becomes beautiful. It is better if you find more secrets of sustenance.

In reply to a question. Feroz Khan said that life will not be a small thing that we have been sent to life and given responsibilities. I got a lot from Hajj.

Actor Feroz Khan said that we were going to meet Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahib while I was standing outside with Bilal Abbas then Bilal said that if you die and you will be asked that Allah Almighty gave you money even you He did not perform Umrah or Hajj.

According to Feroz, this question of Bilal Abbas remained in my mind and then I decided to seek Umrah and Hajj, and thank God I went to Hajj and also paid two Umrah during the month of Ramadan.

However, It is clear that the play of actor Feroz Khan will be aired tonight at 8 pm.

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