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Figures Are Raise At Our Industry After Ertugrul.


Figures are raise in our industry after Ertugrul, says Muneeb Butt.

About Muneeb Butt:

Muneeb is a young Pakistani Actor and model who entered in the showbiz field a few years ago. He is consider to be one of the most handsome actors of the Pakistani Showbiz Industry. A kind-hearted, polite and enthusiastic man is giving his hit performances one after another. And it’s not at all a surprise for his fans. The passion for acting made him entered the showbiz soon after completing his Education.

He made his small-screen debut in a drama serial ‘Humnasheen’ of HUM Tv opposite Adnan Siddiqui, Arij Fatyma and Sarah Khan. Though his role was supporting. Yet it became a ladder for his success and soon he started getting various offers from different directors. He is a versatile actor who fits himself in every character he plays. Therefore he has done intense roles, comic roles and negative roles as well and got equally praised by the people. He also tried his luck on a big-screen in 2015 in the movie ‘Halla Gulla’ with Asim Mehmood, Javed Sheikh and Sidra Batool but it became a disappointment for the cast

Muneeb in her recent interview about Ertugrul:

Muneeb Butt recently in an interview with Rafar Rashidi talk about the negative impact of Ertugrul on Pakistan media industry. He supported his argument giving the example of Alif and Meray Pass Tum Ho.

Muneeb says in his interview: “Everyone after watching Ertugrul is against our industry now, that why don’t we make such dramas. In my personal opinion drams like Ertugrul are rarely produced. I am its biggest fan personally ”.

He further explained: “Ertugrul has now set a standard as a result figures are raised towards our industry. People are asking why don’t you address history and why don’t you work in such projects?

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