Pakistani Showbiz

Film star Shaan Shahid has admired film star Nadeem for his fifty years services in the Pakistan Showbiz field.


He has described him as an asset of the industry saying that he has given the industry so may everlasting and memorable films and characters. He further said that the nation respects and admires him.

Nadeem Baid whose real name is Mirza Nazeer Baig remained the symbol of success of a film during several decades after 1967, the year he started acting. Nadeem also remained a singer and sung so many popular songs. It is said that he came to the industry to become a singer but he proved himself more successful in the field of acting. Nadeem performed in nearly 200 films and appeared mostly in leading roles. He also won several prestigious  awards for his excellent performance.

Nadeem started his career with his acting in the Pakistani film Chakori, which was released in 1967 and was a memorable film which songs were repeated in the streets.In this film he appeared with film actress Shabana. The film also remained very successful in East Pakistan. It was produced and directed by captain Ehtesham who later became his father in law.  The film remained very successful also in East Pakistan.Later Nadeem performed leading and central roles in several films including ‘phool meray gulshan ka’, ‘Nadaan’, Aina etc.  The actor also won Hilal-e- Imtiaz and Sitara-e-Imtiaz, as best actor award from the government of Pakistan. His film journey is spread over four decades.

Nadeem’s film film ‘Nadan’ was released in 1973. After three years, in 1976, his film ‘Talash’ was released.One of his memorable films was Aina  which was released in 1977). Later in 1980 film ‘Ham dono’ was released. In this film Nadeem, in addition to his main leading role of hero, also performed as a comedian. His some other very popular films include ‘Sangdil’ and ‘Dehleez’ In several film he performed with film actress Shabnam. Besides his performance as an actor, Nadeem has also sung many film songs The actor has worked with renowned film directors including Nazrul Islam, S. Suleman, Sangita and several others.

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