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Films releasing in July 2016


The first half of the year 2016 has passed and the second half has started. The progress of Pakistani cinema in the first half was a mixed one, there were very few films nearly 10 released while only two proved successful i.e. Ho Mann Jahan andBachaana. One reason for such low number of film was the Holy month of Ramadan due to which no film was released in June. Also February and March saw two big cricketing events i.e. Pakistan Super League and ICC T20 World Cup which resulted in the less number of movies.

Coming to the ongoing month of July 2016, four films are announced to be released in this month. One film is already released on Eidul Fitr while three others will be released in coming weeks.

Swaal 700 Crore Dollar Ka (سوال سات سو کروڑ ڈالر کا)

Swaal 700 Crore Dollar Ka (SSCDA) is an action film shot in Thailand and Pakistan. Ali Mohiuddin and Quratulain are making their debuts from this film. Ali Mohiuddin is the son of the famous film artist Ghulam Mohiuddin. The veteran artist of our films Javed Sheikh and Ghulam Mohiuddin will also be seen together in a film after a gap of many years. The film is released on Eidul Fitr, and competed with a giant Bollywood film Sultan which was allotted lion shares of shows at the cinema houses thus leaving little margin for earning. So far its box office report has not been encouraging.

Film: Swaal 700 Crore Dollar Ka (سوال سات سو کروڑ ڈالر کا)
Cast: Ghulam Mohiuddin,Shamoon Abbasi,Javed Sheikh,Ismail Tara,Nayyar Ejaz,Iftikhar Thakur,Ali Mohiuddin,Qurat Ul Ain,
Music:M. Arshad & Faizi Ali
Writer: Nasir Adeeb, Jamshed Jaan Muhammad
Director: Jamshed Jaan Muhammad
Producer: Shahid Qureshi
Production Company: JJ Production’s International Venture
Release Date: 6 July 2016
Genre: Action Thriller Suspense Comedy Heist

SSCDA is directed by Jamshed Jaan Muhammad the son of (Late) Jaan Muhammad Jamman. Jaan Muhammad Jumman has directed many successful films from 1970’s to 1990’s. SSCDA is also a formula commercial film with pinches of action, romance, dances, emotions and everything required to make a formula film.

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Ishq Positive (عشق پازیٹیو)
Ishq Positive (عشق پازیٹیو) is an Urdu film produced in Lahore. It was under production for past two years.Wali Hamid Ali Khan and Noor Bukhari are playing the lead roles. It is a comeback film of Noor Bukhari after a gap of many years, while Wali Hamid Ali Khan the singer of music band Raga Boys is playing the male lead. Noor’s younger sister Faria Bukhari is appearing as second heroine.

The music of this film is its main feature while it is also shot on historical places like Rohtas Fort in Jhelum, Noor Mehal in Bahawalpur and scenic locations of Mansehra.

Film: Ishq Positive (عشق پازیٹیو)
Release Date:July 22, 2016
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cast: Noor Bukhari, Wali Hamid Ali khan,Saud Qasmi,Faria Bukhari,Ahmed A. Rehman,Durdana Butt,Saim Ali,Sheeba Butt,Kamran Mujahid,Hina Rizwi,Iftikhar Thakur,Marium Chaudary,Maria Iliyas
Singers: Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Akriti Kakar, Farah Anwar, Daima Farooq, and Sana Zulfiqar
Lyrics By: Turaaz Sooraj and Wali Hamid Ali Khan
Music By: Wali Hamid Ali ,Kamran Akhtar and Saaji Ali
Written By: Sooraj Baba
Studio: KSL Production
Directed By: Noor Bukhari
Produced By: Shazia Hussain & Kashif Latif
Distributor: Everready Pictures and Hum Films

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Revenge of the Worthless (بدل)
Revenge of the Worthless/Badal  (بدل) is an Urdu film due to release on 15th January 2016 and before that scheduled to release in May 2015, the film is based on the real life events of 2009 insurgency in Swat. Firdose Jamal is playing the role of Sufi Muhammad a local political figure of Swat. The new date of release for this film is 22nd July 2016.

Film: Revenge of the Worthless (بدل)
Starring : Jamal Shah, Ayub Khoso, Firdaus Jamal, Shamyl Khan, Maira Khan, Emel Karakose ,Asif Shah, Asaldin Khan, Imran Tareen, Iram, Shehrbano, Abdur Raheem, Najeebullah Anjum,Tariq Jamal Arshad, Sultan, Kaleemullah, Qazi Zubair,Wafa Khan, Rafique and Marjan
Release Date: July 22, 2016
Directed By: Jamal Shah
Cinematographer : Aamir Tehseen Rao
Written By: Jamal Shah
Screenplay By: Jamal Shah
Produced By: Amna Shah for Hunerkada Films
Genre: Action Drama

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Blind Love (بلائنڈ لو)
Blind Love is a commercial Urdu film but with an English name (confusing isnt it!). A love action thriller film, Blind Love is shot in Lahore and scenic locations of Mansehra (Naraan, Kaghan). Blind Love was due to release on Eidul Fitr (6th July 2016), however it was delayed due to non availability of cinema houses as all major cinema houses preferred to screen the Indian Bollywood film Sultan. Now it is releasing on 29th July 2016.

The music of this film is a major highlight especially the song Janiya, shot at the scenic locations of Mansehra.

Film:Blind Love (بلائنڈ لو)
Release Date: 29th July 2016
Cast: Nimra Khan, Yasir Shah, Imran Bukhari, Mathira, Aamir Qureshi, Fawad Jalal
Music: Naveed Nashad
Writer: M Parvez Kalim
Director: Faisal Bukhari
Producer: Mian Amjad Farzand, Ch.Zulfiqar Ahmed, Ch.Ijaz Kamran
Production Company: Producers Alliance
Distributed by: IMGC Global
Genre: Love Action Thriller

Muhabbat Andhi Hoti Hai (Love is Blind) is a popular phrase and perhaps Blind Love is the visual form of this phrase. The leading heroine (Nimra Khan) of the film is blind and thus her romance is named as Blind Love (how creative!), though the film is not limited to romance it has all the masala required for the commercial film.

Blind Love is directed by Faisal Bukhari who is known for pure formula films.Faisal Bukhari’s last two films were also pure commercial flicks i.e. Bhai Log (2011) and Sultanat (2014). Following the same pattern Blind Love has romance, emotions, songs, dances, a bit of action, scenic locations and on top of it a steamy item number Butter Jawani (seems to be conceived in a bakery) which off course is shot on Mathira.

Blind Love will be the debut film for Yasir Shah, Imran Bukhari, Nimra Khan, Fawad Jalal and Aamir Qureshi. Aamir Qureshi is playing the role of the villain in this film like his father Mustafa Qureshi who is the most well known villain of the Pakistani films.

Mathira is making a comeback to films after a gap of three years. She last appeared in the film Main Hoon Shahid Afridi(MHSA) in 2013 for a 2-3 minute appearance in the item song Masti Mein Doobi. After a wait of three long years she is starting the journey again from where it was left and is again performing an item number Butter Jawani in Blind Love. However unlike MHSA she also has a negative vamp like role in this film. Means finally apart from her dance at last one can see the acting talent of Mathira on big screen too.

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