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Find Ali Fazal, Gulshan Deviah, Sayani Gupta, Pulkit Samrat’s phobias


Find out what actor Ali Fazal, Gulshan Deviah, Sayani Gupta, Pulkit Samrat are scared of.

We are all scared of something be it a person, thing or another creature or animal. This fear is either discomfort or paranoia.

Just like all of us celebrities are also scared of things which we might find funny and far stretched but are actually phobias.

This sporty person , who is also a Bollywood actor, suffers from Bathophobia Which is the phobia of depths. Even though Ali loves swimming he cannot stand deep water bodies.

Big boys are scared of small things is proved by this actor who is scared of snakes even after spending his childhood in Coorg which is filled with reptiles. Even after being around cousins who caught snakes, he suffers from ophidiophobia.

The versatile actress has been bold and stunning in her roles in the film industry but is scared Lizards. She flips and gets creeped when she sees a lizard according to her there is something eerie about them, something weird.

This bollywood macho man is is Acrophobic – someone who is frightened of heights. It does seem odd that although most people love to watch the mesmerizing view from the, he can’t stand to see it.

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