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Fire Scare For Rajkumar Hirani And Aamir Khan

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Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani had the shock of their life when Lotus Business Park in Andheri caught fire on July 18. 

Pixion, the post-production film and animation studio whose office was destroyed in the fire, was working on the special effects of P.K. The duo thought that the fire must have destroyed the footage that Pixion had been given.

Hearing the news on TV, a frantic Hirani called up the studio. Initially, his calls went unanswered and he started dreading the worst. 

It was only after two hours that the filmmaker was told that even though the server had been gutted, the special effects company had taken a back-up of the work done on their film.

“If the back-up had not been taken, they would have had to spend several weeks redoing and resurrecting the film. Fortunately, the nightmare didn’t come true,” says a Pixion official on request of anonymity.

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