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First picture Of Juggun Kazim’s New Born Daughter.


Juggun Kazim who is also know as Juggan Kazim. And is a Pakistani-American television and film actress. She is likewise a model and a prominent Host which is the actual reason for her popularity. Juggan is a niece of Lawyer Raza Kazmi first picture who was also the politician in the past.

After a few years in modeling, Juggan began her career as an actress and got equally successful in it. She made her feature film debut in the lead role of “Gugan” in the Gaurav Seth’s film Pink Ludoos along with Shaheen Khan.

Since then, she show up in an episode of David Wellington’s The Eleventh Hour which was direct by T.W. Peacock. Then she disappears from the limelight for a short time to pursue her education and went to America.

In December 2004, she returned from Canada to Pakistan. When she married with Ahmed Tajik, she met him while attending a friend’s wedding. After just over a year of marriage. During which Ahmed beat her. And she left him, taking their two-month-old son, Hamza, with her. The father is not involved in her son’s upbringing; she says this was a mutual decision, influenced by her experiences as the child of divorced parents. She married Feisal H Naqvi, with whom she has another son, Hassan, on 27 June 2013.

Juggun Kazim a few months ago announce that she is expecting her third child.

Juggun Kazim is an active active YouTube. She reveal gender of her baby in a vlog. She is mother of two boys already. And this time when she reveal that she is having a baby girl the happiness on her face was unexemplary.

elegantly decorated room of little baby girl by Juggun

 A few days ago though her social media handles share the big news that her angel has finally arrived in this world. And she named the baby “Syeda Noor Bano Naqvi“. Therefore she shares the adorable first picture of her new born girl.

Have a look to this cute pictures:

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