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Fitraat OST rip-off of Asim Azhar’s song?


As you know new season has begin. And every new season brings a lot of happiness and hope. Same like these all the new happening things. The new dramas also take place as the new season starts. A lot of dramas has been release this starting of the season. And to give power to the drama OST’s are also involve in it. Apart from the storyline and able cast. The dramas are famous also for their melodious OSTs. Whether it is Sabaat, Kasf, Piyaar kay Sadqy, Hamsafar, Saraab and many others. A new drama serial “Fitraat” started airing on Geo entertainment. The drama stars Saboor Aly who is playing an antagonist in this drama.

The story revolves around a young girl Fariya who hails from a lower-middle-class family. And aspires to achieve her dreams and goals through mending her ways by taking shortcuts. Her mother, Nadra is well aware of her daughter’s actions. But doesn’t stop her from following her heart.

However Fariya’s siblings Haris and Rafiya believe in hard work and honesty. To achieve the luxuries early on in life, Fariya agrees to marry Arbaz who belongs to an affluent family. However soon her married life turns upside down when Arbaz’s elder brother Shahbaz turns out to be Fariya’s, first love. 

OST of the drama serial “fitraat” has release sung by the famous singer Sahir Ali Bagga and Aima Baig. The OST got attention of the viewers. Whose tune is exactly same to Asim Azhar’s mega hit song “Jo tu na Mila”.

Here is the OST of the newly release drama “fitraat”.

Listen to it:

Have you hear the OST? Did you remind of Asim Azhar’s song “Jo Tu na Mila”. Now listen to the song.

Did you guys heard the indisputable resemblance within the two songs? Do you guys also believes that Fitrat’s OST is Asim Azhar’s Jo Tu Na Mila’s rip-off? 

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