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Fiza Ali And Her Daughter Recite Nasheed.


About Fiza Ali

Fiza has given her services to the Pakistani television and fashion industry for many years.

After her recognition as a top Pakistani model and actress. She decide to use her experiences of the fashion industry in business. And start running her clothing brand with the name ‘Signature Collection.’ Fiza likewise remain a part of various shows as Host. In a talk show once. She reveal about Amir Liaquat’s proposal which she humbly reject.

Fiza’s flawless acting in this drama prove her as a talent actress. The popularity of this drama has not diminish to this day. After working so flawlessly in modelling, Fiza decide to show her fashion designing skills and has launch her clothing brand.

Fiza stepped into the entertainment industry as a model in 1999. She took the start of her career from Karachi. In 2003, after making her name in modeling and doing TV commercials for renowned brands. She turn her attention towards acting. She made her acting debut in drama serial ‘Mehndi’ that became one of the super hit serials of all time.

Fiza Ali and her daughter recite Nasheed:

Fiza’s marriage life is controversial. She was married twice. But unfortunately, both times, her marriage didn’t succeed. First, she married Fawad Farooq, who was a successful businessman. She has a daughter Faraal from her 1st marriage.

We often see adorable pictures of Fiza Ali with her daughter on Instagram and they give us absolute mother-daughter goals.

Here is the video:

Recently, Fiza Ali shared video with her daughter in which they are reciting a Nasheed ‘Turn to Allah’. She wrote, “Turn to Allah he is never far away. Fiza & Faraal #mother daughter love say mashallah as she is 5.8. And she love to show her love for Allah #mash Allah if any one wrote any thing bad. I swear I’ll block them so it’s better instead of being jealous say Mashallah.”

Have you seen the video and the caption. How much possesive she is.

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