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An actor needs to be shameless in front of the camera Saba Qamar


An actor needs to be shameless in front of the camera: Saba Qamar

KARACHI: Soon after actor-host Saba Qamar was roped in for a film opposite Indian star Irrfan Khan, the news of her Bollywood debut started making waves on either side of the border.

For someone who does not shy away from speaking her mind when it comes to the art of acting or the flaws of Pakistani artists, one wonders whether it was her confidence that made her lucky enough to be a part of Saket Chaudhary’s Hindi Medium. “An actor needs to be shameless in front of the camera,” Qamar told The Express Tribune, shedding light on her acting philosophy.

Speaking about her Bollywood project, Qamar shared she is both excited and nervous. Qamar will head to Mumbai next month and will work on the film until October.

Revealed: Saba Qamar’s first look in Bollywood debut alongside Irrfan Khan

One of the factors that attracted her towards the Indian film industry is the diversity of roles on offer. “Actors here need to try out different roles and not the same ones. Look at the Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone. She has starred in so many diverse roles.”

According to the Manto actor, Pakistani performers need to be more fervent about their work. “I don’t understand why actors in our country do not work on their given characters. Their energy levels are so low and their workmanship is not good either. One should be passionate about their work. We need to let go of our egos and work tirelessly.”

On the same note, she feels even local film actors do not give the due share of importance to their characters. “Pakistani actors are not interested in rehearsing their roles again and again,” she said. This is something she feels is not lacking in India. “Vidya Balan attended a 12-day workshop for her role in a previous project. Alia Bhatt is underwent a 30-day workshop for Udta Punjab as well.”

And, while Qamar may seem to have many concerns regarding the Pakistani film industry, she has not turned her back on it. The actor is currently handling two acting projects simultaneously — Wajahat Rauf’sLahore Se Aagey and the TV serial Besharam. “Some parts need to be dubbed for Lahore Se Aagey. Besides that, I am busy recording the last episode of Besharam as well,” she added. Soon after her return from India, Qamar will begin promotions of Lahore Se Aagey that will hit screens on November 11.

Saba Qamar to star opposite Irrfan Khan in Bollywood debut

“This girl is full of life and is a rock star. It is something I have never done before. I have worked very hard and given my best shot in terms of learning from different experiences and outdoor shooting,” Qamar shared about her character in Rauf’s film. “I went along the lines of the director who wanted my loud energy to be there and that is exactly how I have enacted my role.”

Comparing the film to its prequel Karachi Se Lahore, Qamar added, “This script is much better than the previous script. From the cameo performances to the lead actors, everyone has worked really hard on the sets.”

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