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Gala Biscuit Ad Featured Mehwish banned by PEMRA.


Mehwish Hayat has feature in latest advertisement for Gala Biscuit. The colourful video has share by Mehwish Hayat on her Instagram. Therefore as this project is close to her heart.

Mehwish Hayat is giving us major ‘desi girl’ vibes in vibrant dresses and jewellery in gala biscuit Ad. Therefore she seen dancing in different outfits inspire from different cultures. Which makes her stand out in the crowd.


Meanwhile the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has asked TV channels to review ‘indecent’ adverts. And chalk up a strategy to get their advert approve by an internal committee prior to the telecast. Therefore the statement by the authority came days after an advert featuring Mehwish Hayat to promote Gala biscuits came under severe criticism for being against the values of the society.

In a statement, the regulatory authority said: “It has observed with concerns that themes of advertisements of ordinary consumer products. Like biscuits, surf, etc being air satellite TV channels are not corresponding with the disposition of these products. The trend is causing unrest and behavioral disturbance among the viewers. Not only in violation of the commonly accepted standards of decency. But also the socio-cultural norms of Pakistani society.”


In this context, viewers are criticizing PEMRA on Twitter for allowing such indecent advertisements. Pertinently, viewers are of the view that airing advertisements regarding general consumer products. Like biscuits in such a bizarre manner where the visuals do not commensurate with the use of the products is unwarranted. And needs to be looked into. In addition to this, complainants are of the opinion that the presentation of the products in such manner is wittingly or unwittingly merely aiming to promote consumerism, it added.

Tweeters criticizing Ad:

Beside criticizing, some people have a lot to say. They are Ok with what is happening, they have no issues with the ad.

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