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Gang arrested who plans to Murder Salman Khan.


Mumbai: Police have arrested the gang that planned to assassinate Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

Police in Faridabad, Uttarakhand, India, arrest a member of the infamous Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Who killed a resident of the same city a few months ago. They tells that their next target was the Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

According to police, the gang, which was arrested a few days ago, reveal. They were planning to murder Salman Khan. After killing the owner of a local ration store. He travel to Mumbai to do Reiki at the actor’s Apartment in Bandra. He stayed in the same area for two days.

Police also said that all the accusers were sharp shooters. Salman Khan was their second target. One of the arrested accuser has also arrested in 2018 for planning to assassinate the actor. Who had done Reiki at Salman Khan’s Galaxy apartment.

Galaxy Apartment Mumbai

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