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Gawah Rena official Poster out now


The official poster of the new Pakistani film ‘Gawah Rena ‘ has surfaced. The poster was shared on social networking websites.

 The story of the film is based on the Khilafat movement. The film will be released soon to show love for the anonymous heroes of the Caliphate Movement and Mustafa Kamal Ataturk and the brave Turkish people.

The film is based on the story of the struggle of the Khilafat movement. Taking into account the problems facing Muslims of the subcontinent almost 100 years ago.


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“Gawah Rehna”, a story celebrating our history and our unsung heroes, depict the era of around 100 years back when Muslims of the Sub-continent stood up against British Raj and started the Khilafat Movement. It is a story of courage, hope and resilience against incredible odds and that’s why it will make it’s viewers proud of their history and their heroes who stood up against tyranny and injustice. In short, “Gawah Rehna” is entertainment cum education for the viewers and we hope that viewers will love it when it’ll hit cinemas in coming weeks. #gawahrehna #pakistanicinema #film #historyofpakistan #khilafatmovement #comingsoon #cinema2020 @tribunedit @divamagazinepakistan @diva.pakistan @epkdaily @hellopakistan @dawn_images @dailytimesmagazine @dailytimespak @haberlercom @andazdaily @runway.pakistan @humfilms @saeedhumayun @pakistanicinemaa @okpakistan @gt_magazine @fhmpakistan @peoplemagazinepakistan @somethinghauteofficial @aryfilmsofficial @geofilms_geo

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According to the filmmakers, ‘witnessing’ will make viewers feel proud of their past heroes for their courage.

‘Witnessing’ will be the culmination of cinemas in Turkey and Pakistan in the coming weeks.

 Tahir Mahmood has written the story of being a witness and also performed the duties of a director.

Director Tahir Mahmood says that the film will be dubbed in Turkish language. He wants to strengthen the relations between Turkish and Pakistani people through this film.

In the film, actors Ghana Ali and Emad Irfani will be seen playing the main cast. While the other cast of the film include Turkish actors Mert Sismalner. Rabia Kalsoom, Faisal Imtiaz, Rehan Nazim and Kavi Khan and others.

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