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TikTok star ‘Ghani Tiger’ appeals for justice


Ghani Tiger, a Pakistani Tik Tok star. He appealed for justice on social media after his father’s murder and brother’s assassination attempt.

Famous Pakistani Tik Tok star and rap singer Ghani Tiger uploaded a video on social media yesterday. In which he narrated the whole story of his father’s murder. And the assassination attempt on his younger brother Dawood Butt and appealed for justice.

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“My innocent father was killed in front of my eyes,” Ghani Tiger cried in grief.

“The assailants had weapons and they came to kill me. My father and my younger brother. But sadly, my father died in this murderous attack,” the Tik Tok star said. My younger brother Dawood Butt is in hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg and I survived the conspiracy.

“I can feel the pain of this young man. I am sure he will get justice,” Armina Khan wrote in her tweet.

Following this incident. Users on the micro-blogging site Twitter are also seen appealing for justice with Ghani and JusitceForDawoodButt is currently in the top trend of Twitter. Users are using this hashtag to appeal to the government of Pakistan for justice. ۔

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