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Gohar Rasheed share chance of working with Yumna.


Gohar Rasheed is a Pakistani film and drama actor, model, and radio representative. The handsome young guy is in the showbiz since 2007 and has seen playing different roles on screen. He is everyone’s favorite on-screen bad boy as people love to see him in a negative role. Therefore he is gradually becoming the next big thing with his versatile roles that are coming his way. He is unmarried.

He gave his first appearance in Bombay Dreams. Coordinated and deliver by surely understood theater identity Shah Sharabeel. In 2008 where he played an Indian character of Vikram. He, at that point, got his first significant job in the theater adaptation of melodic play Moulin Rouge. He assume a job of The Duke of Monroth, his execution in this play gotten by a staggering reaction. Therefore he acted in the 2013 political play by Anwar Maqsood and Dawar Mehmood ‘The Sawa 14 August’ as a General Zia-ul-Haq. He played Iftekhar in entertaining play ‘Half Plate’ by Anwar and Dawar in 2014.

In an interview, Gohar Rasheed shared his experience of working with Yumna Zaidi in Raaz e Ulfat.

Further he added: “Even if I improvise something and I am going subtle she would understand and as a great actor, she will prolong the same energy. That’s a blessing and the whole credits of this chemistry go to Yumna”.

Moreover he explained that he love to work with Yumna Zaidi. And also it was his wish to work with her. Also that he is lucky to fulfill the dream. Here we have the video. Scroll down to watch it out.

Here is the clip, Check out:

Did you check out the interview? There is more to explore and to know in it. It is quite entertaining and fun filled also. Watch full video to know more.

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