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2020: 77th Event and Winners of the Golden Globe Awards!


The colorful ceremony of the 77th Golden Globe Awards took place in the American city of Los Angeles. Where the winner of this year’s award includes the Phoebe Waller Bridge. Who received the first Golden Globe Award.

Who won the award?

British editor-in-law Phoebe Waller has been awarded the BBC’s comedy TV series Fly Bag. He has been named best actress of the year.

In the same television drama. His assistant actress Olivia Coleman was awarded an award for Quinn in the third series The Crown.

Rami Yousaf is the Golden Globe winner in the Best Actor category for a television series. It was a musical or comedy category in which Rami Yousaf won.

Once Upon A Time is a comedy film that. It was awarded the best and the film cast managed to make it an award.

The award was given to Patricia Arquette for Best Supporting Actor in a Short Series.

Renowned American comedian and host Alan DeGeneres was honored with a special award at the event.

What is the Golden Globe Award?

Under the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). The award is given annually to the distinguished and prominent performers in television and foreign films. With the final decision being made by 93 members of the organization.

After the Academy and Emmy Awards. The Golden Globe is a great honor given for outstanding performance in the entertainment industry.

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