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The famous poet Gulzar Dehlavi passed away


Leading Urdu poet Gulzar Dehlavi died of a heart attack five days after defeating the global epidemic Corona at the age of 93.

According to Indian media reports, the well-known poet had become very weak due to Corona. On Friday, he was admitted to Kailash Hospital in Sector 27 by his family on a complaint of difficulty in breathing, where he passed away.

According to the family, doctors say he may have died of a heart attack.

Gulzar was born in 1926 in Kashmirian Street, Delhi. Her real name was Pandit Anand Kumar Zasshi.

Gulzar wrote many romantic lyric poems and revolutionary poems, he was known as an eloquent and representative poet of civilization.

Gulzar Dehlavi joined the War of Independence movement in the 1930s when he was receiving his primary education. After that, he made a name for himself in poetry. Gulzar Dehlavi’s poetry collection was published in March 2011 from Delhi.

Gulzar Dehlavi was the editor of ‘The World of Science’. The only Urdu book of science published by the Government of India in 1975. As a result of his efforts, Urdu schools were established across the country.

Gulzar Dehlavi has been seen reciting poetry till last year. The last time he was present on the dice, he was very happy.

Gulzar Dehlavi has also been awarded India’s fourth highest honour, the Badmashri Award, in recognition of her invaluable services to the arts.

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