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Indians challenge Modi’s Dastur from Habib Jalb’s “Dastur”


Habib Jalb revolutionary anthem, echoing political oppression, propaganda for equality and justice, is echoing in India.

The poems of Habib Jalb poems are shouting to the Modi government. During the protests and protests against the controversial law of Indian citizenship, especially the youths have adopted the famous poetry and practice of this great revolutionary poet of Pakistan.

Habib Jalob’s lyrics against oppression, oppression and injustice are popular. The language that the poem said became commonplace. Habib Jalob, who did not work in a timely manner, remained the voice of every victim. That is why speaking against the dictatorship and political oppression, fighting the class system or raising the voice for the rights of millions of people, the poetry of Habib Jalob and his poems are still used today.

In the fury of India and Hindutva, the serious, conscious, fearless and fearless people of Indian society are seen on the streets fueled by Modi’s famous poem “Revolution”, a poem of revolution. Habib Jalob’s poems are being read during the gatherings and his poems are written on the banners.

In the past, a picture has surfaced in the world where an Indian girl is wearing a banner adorned with hymns of Jabal’s famous poem.

دیپ جس کا محلات ہی میں جلے
چند لوگوں کی خوشیوں کو لے کر چلے
وہ جو سائے میں ہر مصلحت کے پلے

ایسے دستور کو صبحِ بے نور کو
میں نہیں مانتا، میں نہیں جانتا

میں بھی خائف نہیں تختۂ دار سے
میں بھی منصور ہوں، کہہ دو اغیار سے
کیوں ڈراتے ہو زنداں کی دیوار سے

ظلم کی بات کو، جہل کی رات کو
میں نہیں مانتا، میں نہیں جانتا

تم نے لوٹا ہے صدیوں ہمارا سکوں
اب نہ ہم پر چلے گا تمہارا فسوں
چارہ گر دردمندوں کے بنتے ہو کیوں

تم نہیں چارہ گر، کوئی مانے مگر
میں نہیں مانتا، میں نہیں جانتا

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